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HDGUARD защищает ваш PC от всевозможных ошибок. Программа проверяет то что вы ставите на PC и в случае опасности предупреждает вас. Также она может контролировать работу и вирусов (это не антивирус), если они хотят сделать кирдык вашей системе прога тоже вас предупредит. Но если же всё таки что-то напредит вашей системе прога может восстановить (сделать откат) системы. В программе вы можете установить права пользователей, куда они могут лезть, куде нет, можете указать что они могут удалять или не удалять и прочее.

Вывод: если вы полный "0" в копмьютере или не совсем, то ставьте себе эту программку, она поможет вам в трудные минуты.

HDGUARD 8 is securing all PCs and notebooks also under windows 7 in the reliable way it used to do. All features like the safe handling of USB sticks and the free choice of the security modes have been supplemented with exact definable update-functions of virus programs and other applications. The PCs remain absolutely safe and stable and all applications are up to date.

News from HDGUARD
We have got new features in HDGUARD 8.1 besides the well-known hard disk protection and the comfortable controlling of update periods.

* NEW: Exception from HDGUARD protection for 20 Registry values from HKLMSoftware
* NEW: Create folder redirections to unprotected volumes.
* NEW: Seminar and softwaretest mode can be used together with an HDGUARD partition (located on system drive).
* NEW: Update periods also in softwaretest and seminar mode, if system does a clean boot.
* NEW: Tray-Icon Bubble-Hints when Internet or USB is blocked / unblocked.
* NEW: Internet blocker and screen lock included in 'safe boot with network drivers'.
* NEW: Internet blocker which white list can be configuered by HDGUARD.Master 8.1 and which can recognize much more user applications.

Hard disk protection software for Windows™

HDGUARDs unique hard disk backup and recovery concept protects your PC against faults, loss of data, or manipulations. Your hard disk and software settings have been changed? Important data was deleted? Has your PC been infected by a virus, internet worm or any other kind of malware program? Has your operating system crashed and corrupted data stored on your hard disk?

HDGUARD is your tool for instant system recovery!

Forget about data backup and restoring it, as maintenance can be done so easily and automatically with HDGUARD. Using this unique recovery software means:

* Simple installation (ready in 3 minutes)
* Flexible (like only software can be)
* Low one-time charge and zero TCO!

OC: Win All
Язык: English
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